The Sushi protocol has given the Strudel protocol an allocation in their Onsen liquidity incentive program! You can learn more about the Onsen program here. This program aims to bring newcomer projects like ours into the sushiswap ecosystem.

In order to start the program, we are going to create and…

Today in the nerd chat we had the pleasure to talk to one of the developers of, one of the most innovative DeFi protocols we have seen pop up in the space in the past few months.

Read the full transcript of the AMA below

Ataxia, [25.11.20 09:41]
[In reply…

The Revenge of the Nerds

So is now officially up and running. I wanted to give out a shoutout to the $PYLON development team for helping out with this massive project.

We nerds spent a lot of time thinking about how to iterate over the meta farm concept…

How The Nerdlings Farm Works (And Why It’s Superior To Most Yield Farms)

At a first glance, Nerdlings might look like another yield farming clone, but it actually utilizes one of the most brilliant DeFi yield-farming features: the “drain” function.

Nerdlings was inspired by the Dracula Protocol which is an…

Today I was part of an AMA with Johan and Keno from the protocol. It was a very insightful AMA showcasing an impressive and undervalued project. read below!

Crypto_Thai, [05.11.20 10:01]

Could you introduce yourself and tell us all the in’s and outs for Strudel

Johann Barbie, [05.11.20 10:02]

Crypto, and DeFi in particular, is oversaturated. Every new project promises to be “the next big thing.” A new way to farm? Rad! They combined NFT’s with staking? No way! It’s deflationary with a fixed supply? Moon soon!

The sad truth is that, more often than not, projects either a)…

It all started with a telegram group. “NERDS ONLY” was the only information on the bio and something like 5 members trying to figure out how to bot trade ampleforth. But the chat grew way beyond that and started to become a place where we had long-winded conversations such as…


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