Nov 6, 2020

4 min read

$NERD Alert: Token Lists and Farming

Crypto, and DeFi in particular, is oversaturated. Every new project promises to be “the next big thing.” A new way to farm? Rad! They combined NFT’s with staking? No way! It’s deflationary with a fixed supply? Moon soon!

The sad truth is that, more often than not, projects either a) don’t reach their lofty expectations; or b) fall into irrelevance as the next team up creates a better version of their vision. The speed of this cycle makes it almost impossible to secure massive gains while the getting is still good. Usually, by the time a project reaches the crypto masses, savvy observers and hungry whales have already loaded up on their positions, and are just waiting for newcomers to join in and buy their bags. Dumps ensue, panic sells follow, and projects sputter out into history.

$NERD is not going to try to reinvent the wheel as other projects try so desperately to do. Instead, $NERD, through its token lists and $NERDLING farming, is going to break the wheel.

What is $NERD?

$NERD is a close-knit community of developers, influencers and wealthy investors who spend their time tirelessly scanning the DeFi universe for the newest and most cutting-edge projects as they are launched. They share the news of these up-and-comers with each other and mutually enjoy the yields and gains that come. The $NERDs also invest in projects made by other $NERDs, helping each other realize their vision.

But $NERD wants to branch out. We all know that crypto is full of $NERDS and it is time we embrace our identities as such. You can do that here, with us.

What is the point of the token lists?

The $NERD token lists will enable you to join in on the fun and profits enjoyed by the $NERDs themselves. By importing the $NERD token lists into your favorite swap, you will have all of the $NERDs’ current top picks for what they believe will yield some of the most serious gains both in the short and long term.

In other words, you will be able to make many of the same moves as people who probably spend more time finding an edge in DeFi than you do. You can get in at earlier points in a project’s journey, allowing you to start making money on them as soon as there is money to be made.

The effect of the $NERD token lists will be three-fold:

First, they will grow the $NERD community. The $NERD token lists are free to everyone when they are published, but only $NERD holders will be permitted to publish their own lists. If you want to begin receiving name recognition in the Crypto space, populating a list filled with successful gems is a great place to start.

Second, as mentioned above, the token lists will allow the average crypto investor an opportunity to join in on a project’s growth from its very early stages. There will no longer be any mistakes regarding token/contract addresses, and everyone will be able to avoid being scammed into buying the wrong coin. Moreover, people will no longer have to spend all their time scrolling through Uniswap or searching on Dextools to sift through all the worthless tokens and bullshit. It’s all right there for you already.

Third, they will provide developers who wish to increase engagement and interest a chance to get the name of their project in the same place as other respected and exciting projects. As the $NERD team will vet every project listed on their lists, only very promising and real projects will make it on. Developers will be able to bid to earn their spots on some of the more exclusive lists and give themselves a shot at attracting some heavy and wealthy attention.

I’m a degen. Did you say farming?

Degens also welcome.

Yes, $NERD’s farming project, $NERDLING, launches tomorrow (11/6)! $NERDLING farming is essentially a fork of $DRC, as it will execute a similar “drain” function on other protocols. But we aren’t vampires, we are $NERDs. So instead of draining other protocols, we will “hack” them.

$NERDLINGS’ tokenomics are identical to $DRC in almost every regard, but with one important distinction:

Whereas $DRC’s procedure for farming yields is: harvest  sell for $ETH  buy $DRC and  burn the $DRC, $NERDLINGS will instead harvest  sell for $ETH  buy $NERDLING and  deposit the $NERDLINGS in the $NERD DFO. This process will continuously increase the value of $NERD’s DFO holdings and will allow for the community to continually vote on more profitable investment decisions.

With $NERDLINGS, $NERD is king, and you can decide what it does.

You can begin farming tomorrow The pairs listed will be the same as those currently available on

We are hitting the reset button on Lord Dio’s awesome protocol and reshaping it to make it our own. We look forward to seeing all of you join us on the farm!

Stay $NERDy.